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2008-09-23 04:53:07 by The-Yokai

Madness: Infiltration Episode 1 is complete. Go check it out.
Now, I need to let this out:
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO IT'S ABOUT TIME! ALRIGHT! On to other projects! Until the sequel!

Just got a new computer. My next animation is on its way! It will most likely be done before September, so watch for it! Here's a screenshot. I don't want to give too much away just yet (hence the tiny screenie) but I'm experimenting with a different style of animation.

New computer and new animation!

Age of Mythology and a new movie

2008-06-20 00:26:08 by The-Yokai

Well, Flash news first: I started work on a new movie. Buying a new computer's taken longer than I expected, and I got tired of waiting and started a movie on my crappy iBook. It's a fun little short that should be done in a few weeks.
I also got Age of Mythology for the Mac. I find myself reviewing another Ensemble Studios RTS game, but those guys sure as hell know what they're doing! AoM is a totally awesome strategy game that's based off of classical mythology, as opposed to AoE's historical theme, for those of you who don't know. It's remarkably similar to Age of Empires III, but with a different theme. You can play as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norsemen, and all three are great fun. Since there are only three civilizations, they worked really hard on making each one unique and interesting. I'd say the most kickass thing about it is the god powers. Only problem is, you can only use them once during a game. My favorite's the meteor. Observe below.
Complete pwnage over a large area. What better super power to have?

Age of Mythology and a new movie

Comic Project at the printer!

2008-05-20 19:58:10 by The-Yokai

Hey peeps! The manga anthology I've been working on with some friends is at the printer's, so a few more days and I'm gonna post the first few pages (Or a link to the first few pages). You want the whole thing, you got to buy it! :D Sorry if I sound like a selfish ass, I most certainly love free stuff, but us people need to cover the cost of printing! It should be buyable online if you're interested. I'll post a link when I know for sure.

Comic Project

2008-04-24 22:58:33 by The-Yokai

Another thing that happened recently: I've been working with a few high school friends on a comic book anthology. We're doing this with Jake Richmond, a professional illustrator, comic artist, RPG designer, and all-around awesome guy. I've been working on it for several months, and the deadline is the middle of May, when we're sending it to the printers. We're going to try to get it in a few stores in the Portland area. Now I just have to get mine done in time. I don't want to reveal too much about it, but I'll tell you this: It takes place in the desert, and eventually I hope to make a damn good Flash out of it, woot! Wish me luck.
In other, less important news, I finally got around to making a better profile pic. Here it is bigger.

Comic Project


2008-03-18 21:19:12 by The-Yokai

After a terrible month of inactivity, I am back on Newgrounds again! Unfortunately, my craptastical computer finally went down the tubes, so all Flash projects will be delayed until June, when I can get a new comp. That also means no AoE. Which is sad.
Anyways, you won't be seeing a lot from me until the summer. School will be out, and I can get my hands on a fresh new computer with which to animate. See you then.

Update! Madness: Infiltration (the complete version) is still in the works, but you shall see it in a month or two! Promise! Here's a screenie of my current progress:

Madness Infiltration IS happening!

Age of Empires!!

2007-12-24 02:38:50 by The-Yokai

I got Age of Empires III the other day. It's pretty badass. It's got beautiful graphics, although because my gfx card is the essence of mediocre, they don't look anywhere near as good as you see in the screenshots. The gameplay is excellent, with plenty of options allowing you to expand in different fields, military or economic, and the setup makes you able to play for ages without getting bored. I immediately followed it up with the expansion The Asian Dynasties, and now I just play the Japanese, because there are few things cooler than watching a squad of hired ninja jump out of the roadside bushes and assassinate a traveling daimyo... What do you guys think of this game?

Age of Empires!!


2007-11-16 00:28:23 by The-Yokai

Taking a nod from Darkwizard1992, a relatively awesome individual, I've decided to post my "Favorites" iTunes playlist (in order). Why? For the same reason he did it--because I can! So prepare yourself for the most random assortment of songs you've ever seen in your life.

-EON-(yes, from Newgrounds) Dexterity
Kevin Masaya Kmetz--Science Fiction of Ray Bradbury Attack!
Southwest Statistic (Another Newgrounder)--This Way
Smash Mouth--Then The Morning Comes
Green Day--Holiday
Green Day--Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Eiffel 65--Blue
Prodigy--Funky Shit
High and Mighty Color--Pride
High and Mighty Color--Ichirin No Hana
Nine Inch Nails--The Hand That Feeds
Dreamscaper (Again, a Newgrounder)--Miniature Fantasy
Gorillaz--Clint Eastwood
Edvard Grieg (classical composer, wtf) --The Hall of the Mountain King
Rhapsody--The Village of Dwarves (Yes, I know, most cheesy-ass song of all time)
Breaking Benjamin--Blow Me Away
System Of A Down--B.Y.O.B
Edwin Starr--War (Why do I like this? :D)
Tomoyasu Hotei--Battle Without Honor or Humanity (on the Kill Bill soundtrack, I believe)

See? SEE?? I HAVE NO MUSICAL TASTE WHATSOEVER!! lol. Except I have some general rules:
1. All country music SUCKS. And I REALLY HATE IT when people ask if I'm related to Carrie Underwood.
2. Most heavy metal is just stupid. But not all of it. Take Ichirin No Hana and B.Y.O.B. Totally awesome.


2007-11-02 01:06:38 by The-Yokai

It's blowing up! A happy explosion for your enjoyment. No I didn't make it. :(