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My Halloween movie

2007-11-01 01:52:20 by The-Yokai

Like I said, my computer's being a bitch and freezing up every time I open the .fla's for "Infiltration" or "Sand". So I made this Halloween movie for right now. Check it out, it's pretty cool. And as far as I'm concerned it has an AWESOME WATER ANIMATION IN IT. Watch the tap water.
Washing Dishes....

Stupid computer

2007-10-21 04:34:35 by The-Yokai

My computer is's slowing down....
The .fla files for both "A Grain of Sand" and "Madness Infiltration" have gotten big enough that my old computer can't handle them anymore...stupid piece of crap. Anyways, I profusely apologize if my movies are out later than I said they would be. However, in the meantime, I am making a chilling Halloween short! Look forward to that.

You know what pisses me off?

2007-10-06 21:40:52 by The-Yokai

The Kitty Krew. Well, of course, who doesn't. But what really annoys me is that they're the best-known portal spammers, and the staff still haven't taken any action against them. I don't know why. They spam the portal daily for the hell of it, and people like BigFuzzyKitten haven't even had to create a new account, because the staff hasn't even deleted his account, much less ISP banned him. And that's what should happen.

The New Logo

2007-09-30 05:16:43 by The-Yokai

I put this on DeviantART a while ago, but forgot to do it on NG. Here's my new logo. That's me in the picture. Of course I look that awesome >:)

The New Logo

Check out mah Madness Movie!

2007-09-23 03:40:48 by The-Yokai

Like I said, it's unfinished, but it's gotten a good review so far and the more people like it, the faster I'll finish it....
Check it out on my Flash page. MADNESS INFILTRATION!

Meh...forget Madness Day

2007-09-16 17:57:30 by The-Yokai

Well, I've decided to stop working on my Madness movie for now. The other day my dad wanted to know what I had been working so hard on for the last month, so I was forced to show him "Infiltration". My dad can be kind of a moron sometimes. He hated the movie in the first place because of all the random violence, but went on to believe the madness guys looked like penises, and i was unable to convince him otherwise. Christ.
But then I realized, Why am I actually bothering with "Infiltration"? Why? Mainly because I want to get a place in the Madness Day collection so my work will be better known. I wasn't doing it for fun, or even because I enjoyed animating Madness characters (which I do). It was solely to get more publicity. So I thought, "Y'know, screw that. I have a deadline that I doubt I can beat anyway, and there will be so many good submissions on the 22nd, I doubt anyone will even notice, so I might as well give up for now and animate what I enjoy."
So, I continued work on "A Grain of Sand". Which is, btw, turning out awesome. I've upgrade much of the crap art that I created back in May, and I'm ever closer to finishing.
And I will submit the Madness movie, on Madness Day, unfinished. If people like it enough or even notice it, I will probably finish it. So check it out on Madness Day! Look for "Madness: Infiltration" pr something similar. It won't be finished, but your votes and reviews are what will make me complete it! And if it sucks, just say so. Plus, "A Grain of Sand" will probably make the frontpage when it's completed anyway, thanks to my impressive animational (not a word) talent. :P


2007-09-05 01:01:09 by The-Yokai

School started today, hopefully that won't effect my movie production much. I can finish "A Grain of Sand" anytime, hopefully within two months, but I only have three weeks to finish "Madness: Infiltration" and with the current workload I dont know if I can finish it in time...Argh! I hate homework!

I really think it is. I have STOPPED PLAYING VIDEO GAMES (OMFG) and I'm spending all my time either animating or going to NG!! It's scary.

Frigging orange jumpuits!

2007-09-01 03:41:04 by The-Yokai

I finally gave into the mainstream and started reading doesn't completely suck, but Naruto's an idiot, the only decent character is Kakashi. I hope it gets better, cuz the first volume is kinda like this:

Frigging orange jumpuits!


2007-08-21 13:56:08 by The-Yokai

It's time to kick that bastard off of Newgrounds once and for all. Who doesn't know who he is? He's continuously got by with slipping crap into the portal. He puts no effort into his movies, rips off other animators like Adam Phillips and James Farr, probably because he's jealous of their skill, and is just a general asshat. He's plagued Newgrounds long enough. Everyone do what they can to blam all his movies, and hopefully, Tom will notice at some point and ban him for good.