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<-- Observe this ninja.

2007-08-20 15:40:09 by The-Yokai

That's Ponza. Why is his name Ponza? I was thinking "Pwnzor" but for some reason I said "Ponza". It stuck. I plan to make a movie or two with him.

That's Ponza. Why is he named Ponza? I was thinking "Pwnzor" and for some reason I said "Ponza". There you go. I plan to make a movie or two starring Ponza the Ninja.

Madness Day!

2007-08-19 01:26:55 by The-Yokai

Wewt, it's about time. I've started another movie for Madness Day. Of course, that means "Grain of Sand" production will slow to a crawl again...I'll get it done soon! I promise!
Psh. Like there's anyone actually reading this :P

Dammit! Fix the damn site!

2007-08-03 06:39:45 by The-Yokai

I'm becoming less pleased with the redesign as I'm noticing that not everything has been worked out yet. Why can't I edit my non-NG favorites? Why can't I look at my old reviews? I hope they fix this soon!


2007-07-29 07:52:16 by The-Yokai

It was my bday on the 23rd. It was kinda boring, lol. But it's all cool. (Progress has continued on "Grain of Sand", will be done in a month or two.)


2007-07-20 04:17:43 by The-Yokai

I love this.



Woot! A new setup!

2007-07-18 23:03:20 by The-Yokai

Man, I love the new NG. There's so many more options than before. Like this. Pretty slick. In other news, I am working on my biggest project yet, called "A grain of sand", which I am almost finished with. Production has slowed to a crawl, though. It'll be done in a few months I'm sure. w00t.
Here's a screenshot.

Woot!  A new setup!