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Age of Mythology and a new movie

2008-06-20 00:26:08 by The-Yokai

Well, Flash news first: I started work on a new movie. Buying a new computer's taken longer than I expected, and I got tired of waiting and started a movie on my crappy iBook. It's a fun little short that should be done in a few weeks.
I also got Age of Mythology for the Mac. I find myself reviewing another Ensemble Studios RTS game, but those guys sure as hell know what they're doing! AoM is a totally awesome strategy game that's based off of classical mythology, as opposed to AoE's historical theme, for those of you who don't know. It's remarkably similar to Age of Empires III, but with a different theme. You can play as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norsemen, and all three are great fun. Since there are only three civilizations, they worked really hard on making each one unique and interesting. I'd say the most kickass thing about it is the god powers. Only problem is, you can only use them once during a game. My favorite's the meteor. Observe below.
Complete pwnage over a large area. What better super power to have?

Age of Mythology and a new movie


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2008-06-27 00:19:34

like whoa man

The-Yokai responds:

like double whoa man. Sup?