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Comic Project at the printer!

2008-05-20 19:58:10 by The-Yokai

Hey peeps! The manga anthology I've been working on with some friends is at the printer's, so a few more days and I'm gonna post the first few pages (Or a link to the first few pages). You want the whole thing, you got to buy it! :D Sorry if I sound like a selfish ass, I most certainly love free stuff, but us people need to cover the cost of printing! It should be buyable online if you're interested. I'll post a link when I know for sure.


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2008-05-20 19:59:18

We have to buy it? :(

The-Yokai responds:

Tell you guys what. I'm gonna put all of my section up here, which is actually only one chapter of a story (due to deadlines, I didn't have time to complete the whole story) and if you want all the badass stuff that the other guys did, you buy it. They're all way better artists than me, by the way.


2008-05-20 20:26:44

Send it to me and I'll put it on my site, if you want to.

The-Yokai responds:

Awesome! I'll be certain to consider it.


2008-05-27 08:21:42

Wow. I love manga so you've got my attention. However, I'm not sure if i'll buy it yet. Long timee no see mate :) How are you?

The-Yokai responds:

Awesome, thanks. You?
Like I said, I'm going to put all of my pages up here for you guys to see, and I guess if you're interested enough you can buy the book with everyone else's stuff in it too. They're all much better artists than I am, so I will say it's probably worth it!