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Age of Empires!!

2007-12-24 02:38:50 by The-Yokai

I got Age of Empires III the other day. It's pretty badass. It's got beautiful graphics, although because my gfx card is the essence of mediocre, they don't look anywhere near as good as you see in the screenshots. The gameplay is excellent, with plenty of options allowing you to expand in different fields, military or economic, and the setup makes you able to play for ages without getting bored. I immediately followed it up with the expansion The Asian Dynasties, and now I just play the Japanese, because there are few things cooler than watching a squad of hired ninja jump out of the roadside bushes and assassinate a traveling daimyo... What do you guys think of this game?

Age of Empires!!


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2007-12-26 02:54:25


The-Yokai responds:

You sound dreadfully excited. :D


2008-01-03 06:32:08

it cool. im shit at it im only into fighting games

The-Yokai responds:

You must PRACTICE, my man. And don't jump into multiplsyer right away, or you'll get pwnblasted, so to speak.
Fighting games are cool too, though.


2008-01-03 10:39:57

my brother bill barsch love this game

(Updated ) The-Yokai responds:

Well, you can tell Bill Barsch he's awesome.


2008-01-15 06:20:52

i have age of empire 3 and the cheats!!!! ok here they shhh!!! u know how when u press start in a game? u know 2 talk? well enter these

medium rare please = FOOD
give me liberty or give me coin= coin
<censored> =wood
p.s. whats that green thing on the age of empires i have it just has food money and wood does that come with the expaisoin?


2008-01-15 06:21:19

soory ment enter