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Madness Infiltration IS happening!

2008-02-06 21:17:19 by The-Yokai

Update! Madness: Infiltration (the complete version) is still in the works, but you shall see it in a month or two! Promise! Here's a screenie of my current progress:

Madness Infiltration IS happening!


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2008-02-07 01:20:29

looking pretty good cant wate
How long have bin working on it?

The-Yokai responds:

Since September. Unfortunately, it may take longer than expected as my computer crashed :(


2008-02-21 01:29:33

You like ninjas. That's for certain. but do you like Doctor ninjas?

Then head to

i luff that webcomic.

So, how are you Yokai? Still hard at AoE?

The-Yokai responds:

I am good. Not playing AoE at the moment as my ancient, craptastic computer finally died on me. And I'll be sure to check out Dr. Ninja!


2008-02-28 14:49:13

as much as i generally look down on madness tributes, i think you should work on making the animation nice 'n' smooth, because i thought that preview you submitted was kinda choppy.. are you tweening or not?

The-Yokai responds:

I'm mostly doing frame-by-frame, actually...I might consider speeding up the framerate.